BREEAM International New Construction

BREEAM New Construction is one of the most recognised global environmental assessment tool for new commercial property developments. It enables developers and architects to integrate the highest standard of environmental sustainability in their specifications and deliver externally recognised sustainable buildings.

What type of buildings can receive a BREEAM New Construction certification?

BREEAM International New Construction 2016 scheme is applicable to any new building in countries without an affiliated BREEAM national scheme. The scheme covers a number of building types, listed below:

  • Residential
  • Commercial (i.e. Offices, industrial, and retail)
  • Education
  • Residential institutions
  • Hotels and residential institutions
  • Non-standard building types (i.e. town hall, sports facilities, library, cinema, hospital, fire station and transport hub)

What do you need to do to comply?

BREEAM New Construction assesses and rates buildings across 9 different categories during both the design and post-construction stage:

  • Energy
  • Water
  • Materials
  • Pollution
  • Land Use & Ecology
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Waste
  • Transport

Evidence needs to be collected at two different stages in the life of the building:

  • Design Stage (DS): influence the architect and engineer’s design strategy to ensure that they embed best practice environmental measures
  • Post-construction Stage (PCS): ensure that the contractor maintains the same environmental stewardship during the construction phase

The scoring system is based on BREEAM credits. Each best practice measure has a different impact on the overall rating. It should be noted that there are minimum BREEAM standards that need to be met in order to achieve any BREEAM rating.

  • It helps increase your GRESB score
  • It provides market recognition of buildings with a low environmental impact
  • It ensures that you achieve sustainability credentials in line with your company’s environmental policy
  • It facilitates tenant engagement
  • It helps raise awareness among owners, occupants, designers and operators of the benefits and value of buildings with a reduced life cycle impact on the environment
  • It reviews the performance of the entire asset portfolio, enabling benchmarking and the identification of high and underperforming assets
  • It helps identify priorities for investment to improve building performance and staff productivity.
  • Manage the entire certification process in any European country
  • Engage with our BREEAM experts with over 8 years’ experience in assessments
  • Act as advisers on all matters related to sustainability and energy
  • Access to a network of professionals that can help meet the requirements of the various credits
  • Provide consistent assessment standards all over Europe.

Why is BREEAM New Construction the most preferred solution in Europe?

  • BREEAM is the European leader, accounting for more than 80% of all sustainable commercial certifications in Europe
  • BREEAM is preferred by 60% of surveyed European Real Estate Investors, in comparison to LEED
  • BREEAM has been established for 26 years, allowing time to become fully ingrained in the system
  • BREEAM takes advantage of closer proximity to enable consultations, allowing for interim assessments and to undertake site visits
  • Investors prefer the single certification body
  • The certification schemes that recognise green property/facility management services is preferred
  • The green certification is very important to investors when developing or investing in new buildings
  • The higher investment costs for sustainable real estate will increase capital and income, lower operational costs and raise rents
  • The new scheme can be uses to assess commercial buildings and residential buildings worldwide

Key numbers on the value of properties and BREEAM certified buildings

  • Increases development costs by up to 10% for achieving the highest rating
  • For each 1% of additional costs, it could yield savings of ten-times the initial outlay over a 20 year life cycle when you take account of better operational efficiency and improvements in employee productivity, health and wellbeing
  • 548,600 BREEAM certified developments
  • Recent studies reveal that sale prices of BREEAM rated buildings are increased by about 15-20% and rental rates between 20-25% higher than conventional unrated buildings, with an average increase of about 3% rent per rating level

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