Technological Sourcing

Technologies move fast. It is crucial to stay up to date with the plethora of solutions available to you to achieve greater operational efficiency and carbon emission reductions. Using our unique global network of 700 incubators and clean technology hubs we can find the most suited low carbon solutions adapted to your needs.

Is the industry doing this already?

Cities around the world are addressing innovation in all its dimensions by harvesting cross-sector collaborations. Our objective is not just to innovate on all fronts but to find the most suitable cutting-edge, innovative solutions for each company and its concerns.

Some of the key themes the industry is focusing on are energy management, water management, waste management and biodiversity.

Longevity will guide you towards operating in today’s growing sustainable and connected cities and stay at the forefront of the industry.

Our approach to technological sourcing

  1. We will set up a technical meeting to identify needs and areas of priority for the client
  2. We will launch a sourcing call to technology hubs and incubators to identify new technologies relevant to the company (global network)
  3. We will review the applications based on priority criteria for the client (e.g. payback, readiness, applicability, availability)
  4. We manage a successful competition day and the ranking of technologies in order of preference
  5. Post competition, we will manage the relationship between technology suppliers and the client (e.g. implementation, negotiation of best rates, project management)

Our value proposition

  • Unique access to state of the art technologies on the global market
  • Third party and impartial technological due diligence
  • Identify key solutions necessary for the client to progress sustainably and distinguish themselves in the market
  • Channeling advanced resource efficiency solutions to deliver your sustainable business model


The Longevity team has run several innovation competitions in Central and Eastern Europe on behalf of Climate KIC to accelerate the implementation of innovative clean technologies in the built environment. Not only they have delivered very successful programmes due to their phenomenal network but they have also been able to convert introductions into real life projects to tackle climate change. Katrin Hauser, Climate KIC, Building Technology Accelerator, Manager