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VIA Outlets Pan-European Retail Portfolio sustainability programme


VIA Outlets


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Our Task

Longevity Partners is responsible for VIA Outlets’ entire sustainability programme, from developing their corporate strategy and vision, to benchmarking their prime asset-level performance.

VIA Outlets portfolio consists of over 5.3m sq ft of real estate across 11 prime out-of-town retail parks located in nine countries (including the famous Batavia Stadt in the Netherlands and Pragues Fashion Arena in Czechy).

Our team of sustainability experts has managed to double the Via Outlets GRESB score every year for the last two years. Their entire portfolio is now certified and they have a full understanding of the sustainability profile of their portfolio and what can be done to unlock further value.

In 2019, Longevity will be working alongside the Via team to implement measures to reduce climate risk and increase the attractiveness of the centres through the integration of state of the art technologies across their portfolio.